Soybean Fungicides

Andiamo™ 230

Andiamo™ 230 is a flexible, easy to mix, fungicide to manage frogeye leaf spot and white mold in soybeans..

Mazinga™ ADV

Mazinga™ ADV is an excellent resistance management solution providing broad-spectrum control through a combination of systemic and contact action.

Arius™ ADV

Arius™ ADV is a premix of two powerful actives, providing broad-spectrum disease control in soybeans.

Contans® WG

Contans® WG works to break white mold disease cycle by attacking disease organisms in the soil before they attack plants.

Muscle™ ADV

Muscle™ ADV offers an evolution of two proven fungicides delivering excellent disease control in peanuts, soybeans and cucurbits. 

Toledo® 3.6F

Toledo® 3.6F offers broad spectrum control for over 30 diseases.

Soybean Herbicides


Dakota® is a selective postemergence herbicide that is used on over 80 crops.


Stalwart® brings proven metolachlor chemistry providing preemergence control of annual grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds in a variety of crops.

Stalwart® MTZ

Stalwart® MTZ  is a pre-mix containing two proven chemistries in balanced amounts for easy, early application.


Volta® is a flexible label with pre-plant, postemergent or postharvest applications.


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